Green coffee in bulk

Direct shipments of Rwanda green coffee Arabica and Robusta from the producer with the best price guarantee directly from Rwanda plantations.

  • We can help you reduce green coffee procurement costs up to 30%.
  • We provide analogues of popular Brazilian coffee Santos, Cerrado Mitsui, Mozhiana at more competitive prices than on the market.
  • Expand your range of Aribica and Robusta Presidential, Micro lots, Exceptional, Specialty, Fine commercial, Commercial.
  • Regular direct delivery of green coffee based on new modified logistics routes.

Why We Offer?

Competitive prices, bulk sales, up to 30% reduction of green coffee procurement costs

Scheduled deliveries of coffee beans in large and small bulk all over the world, as well as to any region of Russia and CIS countries. Quick air or regular sea delivery possible.

Special wholesale prices for the major producers of fresh roasted coffee

Wide assortment of natural coffee of elite grades Presidential, Micro lots, Specialty, Fine commercial, commercial Arabica and Robusta

Best terms of delivery of coffee beans in large and small bulk, up to 10% reduction of transportation costs in Russia

Assistance in sales of fresh roasted coffee of your brand (coffee ground and beans), or prepared coffee drinks, expanding the range of natural coffee for making drinks with a special recipe and a unique taste.

Our Services

We are more than importer

We are a big natural coffee wholesaler, working without intermediaries with farmers, processing stations and a number of coffee cooperatives, that gives us the opportunity to offer our clients uninterrupted, regular supply of Arabica and Robusta green coffee besides competitive prices. You can order green beans coffee at a good price with fast delivery to any region of Russia and CIS countries. We have different sorts of coffee beans for fresh roasted coffees with rich or mild taste.

We guarantee

We are responsible for the quality of green coffee - the contract includes a guarantee that all batch of coffee beans you receive corresponds to the previously received samples. Otherwise, from our side we either make replacement with similar green coffee as prescribed in the contract, or refund in full and pay the forfeit.

We test our products

All green coffee is tested several times in the cupping laboratory by SCAA Q-graders with 16 years of experience. First test: when your coffee beans arrive at the capping lab. The second test is before we ship.

We provide full descriptions

We provide complete descriptions on green coffee with traceability: from location of washing station and height of growth of coffee trees to the roasting pro-file, with description of flavor descriptors and aromas of freshly roasted coffee, and give final SCAA evaluation of each coffee bean sample, including photos and video. That's why clients can understand in advance, how much this or that green coffee in our assortment suits them.

We find unique lots

We help our clients in the Presidential (SCAA 90+), Micro lots (SCAA 87-89), Exceptional (SCAA 84-86) and Specialty (SCAA 80-83) segments to find unique lots of coffee sorts with certain flavor profile and aroma. Your production will be special and distinguish you from the other participants of coffee market in your region by a wide range of coffee drinks and unique taste of elite coffee beans roasted fresh.

We reduce costs

Due to our own established logistics, wholesale sales and fast delivery to any region at favorable prices, we help our clients to reduce expenses on coffee beans delivery in Russia and CIS countries by up to 10%. You get the most favorable conditions from the major producers of coffee beans.

We can help you attract clients to your business, expand the menu of popular natural coffee drinks with mild or rich taste, increase brand awareness of your company in your region.

About Us

Our project is a joint effort of our logistics company and our partners from Russia and Rwanda - large producers of coffee beans of different varieties

Our coffee beans come from Rwanda, one of the top 5 producing countries with the best terroir for growing many varieties of coffee. Rwanda is famous for its thousands of hills of evergreen forests. This results in a climate favorable to the growth of coffee trees which produce coffee beans with a unique flavor. By taking into account the altitude of the coffee trees - 1,200 meters and more - and the temperatures in different regions, farmers were able to grow the best coffee beans

New and modern agricultural techniques have also been introduced to increase the growth and production of the finest coffee varieties. Besides production technology, methods of processing coffee beans, hulling, hand sorting and storage methods play an important role in shaping the unique taste. All these factors help us to provide our clients with some of the best coffees in the world

When coffee comes to the warehouse, samples are taken from every bag and sent to our capping labs for quality control. Only after confirmation that the green coffee meets the standard is it shipped from the warehouse to the customer. We produce the best quality natural coffee and make quick delivery of your order, meeting all transportation requirements to preserve product quality

Our clients are our priority. From elite coffee farmers who grow thousands of succulent coffee beans to our facilities that produce delicious, premium grade coffees, we strive to maintain a consistent quality and efficiency chain, providing our clients with a wide variety of coffees at unbeatable prices.

Our mission is to source the finest and most unique tasting coffee beans and to ensure a flexible, reliable, safe and sustainable supply chain, from harvesting in the producing country to freshly roasted coffee with the right characteristics to make the best-tasting and flavorful natural coffee.

African Coffee
Coffee is one of the three most popular drinks in the world. In its homeland, in African countries, much attention is paid to the production of coffee beans, millions of people work at the plantations, growing the most popular varieties.
Coffee producing countries
Coffee is a plant that requires specific climatic conditions: humidity, temperature regime, number of sunny days/planting, altitude, soil type, so the countries of the coffee belt are located in the tropical zone running along the equator.
French Coffee Roasting
French roasting is one of the strongest coffee roast types, giving a strong, dense flavor with a distinct bitterness, a smoky aftertaste, aromas of burnt caramel and bitter chocolate.
How to make delicious coffee in a pressure cooker?
Coffee is the beverage that most people associate with vivacity and good spirits, people order it in cafes, buy it to go to work and, of course, brew it at home in your favorite carafe.
How to roast green coffee?
One of the top 3 most popular drinks in the world, coffee is appreciated for its pleasant aroma, intense taste and the feeling of vitality necessary for productive work.
Robusta coffee
Robusta is coffee characterized by strength and high caffeine content. The name in one of the African languages means "strong, which fully corresponds to the taste of coffee and the properties of the plant - unpretentious and resistant to disease.
Vienna Coffee Roast
Vienna roasted coffee is the favorite drink of people in Austria, Holland, Germany and many other countries in Europe and all over the world. It is loved for its beautiful aroma, but also for its slightly sweet, mild flavor, appropriate at any time of day.

Value chain
Rwanda coffee - Russia

Cultivates and harvests
  • Planting and tending
  • harvests the berry
  • transports to the washing station
Processing Station
Processes and dries
  • Depulpers, sorts, ferments, washes, dries and sorts
  • Packs and stores
Cleans the beans
  • Removes the parchment skin
  • Selects defective beans
  • Packs in bags
  • Evaluates coffee quality
  • Processes customs paperwork
  • arranges logistics

SCAA rating system

(Specialty Coffee Association of America)
by which we rate our coffee
Specialty class

0 Defects first category

No more than 5 defects of the 2nd category


This is unripe berry grain

Specialty grade: 0 Quaker

Roasts 100 grams of coffee Green coffee 350 grams
1st category defects Full defect (Equivalents) 2nd category defects Fully Washed (Equivalents)
Completely black 1 Part black 3
Completely sour 1 Partially sour 3
Dried berry 1 Parchment 5
Damaged by fungus 1 Floating 5
Foreign matter 1 Unripe/unripe 5
Serious insect damage 1 Dried 5
Shell shape 5
Broken / Chipped / Cut 5
Chaff 5
Minor insect damage 10
Roasted coffee 100 grams
Defects of the 1st category Complete defect (Equivalents)
Fully black 1
Totally sour 1
Dried berry 1
Damaged by fungus 1
Foreign matter 1
Severe insect damage 1
Green Coffee 350 grams
Partly black 3
Partially sour 3
Parchment 5
Pop-up 5
Unripe/unripe 5
Dried 5
Shell shape 5
Broken / Pounded / Chopped 5
Chips 5
Slight insect damage 10

Order of operation

  • Call
  • We discuss details (variety, name, delivery terms)
  • We conclude the contract
  • Receive payment
  • We supply coffee

Green coffee beans are shipped in a standard 20' container. Net cargo weight 19200 kg. Gross weight 19520 kg. Volume of the shipment is 320 bags. Weight of one bag 60 kg. Delivery of natural coffee in large and small bulk from our company is carried out by sea.

Term for purchase and preparation of one container (320 bags) for one client - up to 30 days. Lead time for purchase and preparation of one consolidated container (320 bags) for several clients - from 30 to 60 days. This time is necessary to purchase coffee, form a batch, do the coffee tasting in the cupping-laboratory, get approval documents (certificates: quality, origin, phytosanitary), prepare the goods for shipment (packaging, labeling), execute customs documents, arrange logistics.

Delivery time warehouse.Kigali (Rwanda) - Dar es Salaam port (Tanzania) / Mombasa (Kenya) - 5-7 days. Delivery time Port Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) / Mombasa (Kenya) - Russia, is calculated individually depending on the location of the warehouse. We organize logistics worldwide. On request we can supply you with the price calculations for various Incoterms (FCA, FOB, CFR). We also deliver to the whole territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

You can order green coffee of different sorts directly from the warehouse of producing country for reasonable prices.

Delivery terms:

FCL (Full Container Load) - an entire (single) standard 20 feet container. Net cargo weight 19200 kg. Gross weight 19520 kg. Batch volume 320 bags. Weight of one sack 60 kg.
FCA (1 FCL) - shipments in Kigali.Kigali (Rwanda).
FOB (1 FCL) - shipment in ports: Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) / Mombasa (Kenya).
CFR (1 FCL) - goods shipment in the port of Kotka (Finland).
DDP SPB (1 FCL) - the cost of goods 1 u.е./Price is for a standard 20Ft. container with delivery to the customer's warehouse within the KAD.Saint Petersburg.
DDP SPB (1 sack) - the cost of 1 u.е./The price is for 1 sack of coffee, with delivery to our warehouse at 3, Seychelles str.The delivery time: Shipments of natural coffee in bulk by sea from Salova Street, 68E, St. Petersburg to St. Petersburg.St. Petersburg.
The price of 1 r.е./Packaging in grains and jute sacks, as well as marking of each bag is included in the price.

Delivery terms:

Delivery of natural coffee in large and small bulk from our company is carried out by transport by sea. Lead time for purchase and preparation of one container (20 FCL / 320 bags) for one client - up to 14 days. The period for purchase and preparation of one joint container (20 FCL / 320 bags) for 3-4 clients is 21-30 days.
This time we need to make coffee tasting in the cupping-laboratory, to get approval documents (certificates: quality, origin, phytosanitary), prepare the goods for shipment (packaging in a bag of grain-pro and jute, marking the cargo), to prepare customs documents, organize logistics.
Time of delivery.Kigali (Rwanda) - Port Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) / Mombasa (Kenya) - 4 days. Delivery time Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) / Mombasa (Kenya) - Kotka (Finland) - 56-70 days. Delivery time Port Kotka (Finland) - customs - bonded warehouse.Saint-Petersburg - 2-3 days.

Terms of work:

The prices for DDP St. Petersburg (1 FCL) / (1 bag) are including VAT 20%.
FCA / FOB / CFR (1 FCL) prices are exclusive of VAT.
Delivery within Russia and CIS. We work only under contract, with payment by bank transfer and exchange of original shipping documents. Shipment is made on receipt of prepayment. Price and availability subject to confirmation on the day of payment.
You can buy elite sorts of green coffee directly from the warehouse of the producing country at favorable prices.

Payment terms:

On the day of the invoice payment must be made by 12:00 of the current day, to purchase currency in U.S. dollars at a fixed rate. In the case of cash receipt after the specified time and the dollar rise in price, we send an additional invoice for the difference of currency purchase. Supporting documents (scans) are provided.
Payment for single container (20 FCL 19200 kg / 320 bags), can also be made in U.S. dollars to details of our export company 5TH ELEMENT Ltd, registered in Rwanda, Company Code: 118846327.
Availability and prices are subject to reconfirmation on the date of payment.

Get a description of the green coffee

We will send you a full description of the lot you are interested in, in pdf format in one click, by email or messenger, you just need to fill out the form and click "get description. You will have it in no time

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